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In Cambodia, Beyond Stigma has had the privilege of delivering several self-stigma workshops. These workshops on stressful thinking and self-stigma were held in the city of Siem Reap in collaboration with several other local NGOs. Beyond Stigma's work in Cambodia aimed to improve mental health and wellbeing by providing participants with the tools and knowledge to recognize and address self-stigma, which can have a significant impact on mental health outcomes.

Workshop: 'Leadership, Management, and Communication'

​A workshop created with PEPY Empowering Youth covered important topics to help build skills and confidence for success and happiness. ​This was run with guidance from The Thinking Project a group that creates innovative ways to deliver inquiry-based stress reduction to young people for a fun and impactful experience. 

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Mini Camp: 'Thinking Outside the Box'

This camp explored stressful thoughts about school and life and had a particular focus on realising your dreams. It was done in english and Khmer. We had 19 amazing young people-scholarship students of PEPY Empowering Youth and talented teachers #DPETNS. Enjoy the video below to capture the essence of this inspiring program. 

Workshop: 'Dream Big, Question Your Thinking'

In this workshop, 32 young people participated to learn how to question the negative and stressful thoughts they had. An anecdote from this workshop: One 17-year old student shared her dream to be a policewoman. However she had re-occurring thoughts that caused her to lose confidence in herself and her abilities. These thoughts included, "I can't do it"; "I don't have anyone to support me"; "My dream is too big"; "I am not good enough to succeed". Through the workshop she was able to become aware of these thoughts and see how they negatively affect her. She became emotional when questioning her thoughts. By looking deeply into herself and questioning her thoughts she became aware of the support she gets from others and most importantly how she supports herself. 

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