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Beyond Stigma was founded in Ireland with the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of self-stigma, which can have significant negative impacts on mental health. The organization has provided support for master's level research projects at Trinity College Dublin in the fields of Global Health and Public Health and Primary Care, with a particular focus on the intersection of self-stigma and mental health. Beyond Stigma has also been actively presenting their research and knowledge of self-stigma in Ireland, with the aim of informing policy makers and those working in international health and wellness on the importance of addressing self-stigma for better mental health outcomes.

Obesity Research

In partnership with Trinity College Dublin, Beyond Stigma is researching self-stigma amongst those diagnosed with obesity in Ireland. Weight bias and shame has become increasingly common and can be an immense source of distress for those diagnosed with obesity. Read more about our current project on self-stigma and obesity by clicking the button below:

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