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In this space you will find a diverse range of videos highlighting self-stigma.


Find a diverse range of articles highlighting ways to help people identify, understand, and address self-stigma 

Learn the impact of our work from stories of people we support and work with


#GoodEnough Webinar Series

'Good Enough' webinar #2 discusses the importance of addressing self-stigma in every effort made to reduce mental health-related stigma around the world as part of World Mental Health Awareness Month this year.

Started with the live musical performance by Farah Elle. Followed by discussion by below speakers:
- Ben Adams, WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health
-  Dr. Claire Hayes, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
-  Florence Riako Anam, Global Network of People living with HIV
-  Dil Wickremasinghe, Insight Matters Mental Health Services

Facilitated by Nadine Ferris France, CEO, Beyond Stigma

#GoodEnough Webinar Series

The webinar panel brought together organizations and individuals who are working on-ground as well as through research to tackle self-stigma in adolescents and young adults living with HIV in Zimbabwe.

Webinar Topic - How HIV-related self-stigma impacts adolescent girls and boys and young adults living with HIV: paper launch and learnings from the Zimbabwe-based Wakakosha programme.

Speakers: Camille Rich - Independent Researcher; Webster Mavhu, CeSHHAR; Vongai Munatsi, Zvandiri; Tafadzwa, Wakakosha Project
​Moderator: Nadine Ferris France, Beyond Stigma

The Journey from Self-Stigma to Self-Worth,
TEDx Chiang Mai, September 2019

In this 2019 TEDx talk, Nadine, Beyond Stigma's CEO, shares her personal experience of self-stigma and the programme approach of The Work of Bryon Katie used to question beliefs and thoughts that underpin self-stigma and shame related to HIV, sex work, tuberculosis and being human

Wakakosha: 2021

This video captures the 12-week online course that was completed in 2021 as part of the Wakakosha programme.

​The Wakakosha, or 'I'm Worth It" programme began in 2019 and is currently in progress. The goal of this program is to specifically address self-stigma amongst young people living with HIV, a vulnerable age group in the HIV crisis in Zimbabwe. Formative research conducted in 2020 helped shape and inform the Wakakosha program which began in January of 2021.
This programme is based on inquiry-based stress reduction (IBSR), a technique of self-inquiry and includes 16-week workshop series, 3-day self-stigma course, training of trainers, and resource bank.

Read more about the programme on our Wakakosha page.

Wakakosha Song

This song was created by young people affected by HIV living in Zimbabwe and taking part of the Wakakosha ('I am worth it') programme.


During a creative songwriting series of workshops they went through the experience of telling their story, dive deep into what dealing with HIV-related self-stigma meant to them, and used these feelings to compile the Wakakosha song. Wakakosha is an original song that uses a sample by Ziggy Marley, Believe in Yourself, which message aligns with what Wakakosha represents: the journey of learning to believe in yourself and feeling you are worth it.

Stigma in the Education Setting

​Our partners, the Zimbabwe-based organization Zvandiri, developed this video to share at the 2022 UNAIDS' PCB meeting. The video focuses on stigma in the education setting.

We are the Change: 2017

This nine-minute video hears the voices of those who have taken the 12-week self-stigma and HIV course, talking of their experience with the programme and the impact in their lives.

​"Thinking out of the Box"
Mini camp, Siem Reap, Cambodia
The Work for Change and the Thinking Project 2018

Camp with 30 young people in Siem Reap, Cambodia. It supported the group to understand the power of thinking. Focused on identifying thoughts that cause stress, the group learned how to question stressful thoughts, get in touch with emotions and see life from different perspectives.

We are the Change Zimbabwe: Dealing with self-stigma and HIV, 2014

This short video describes the 'We Are The Change programme'.  It presents the methodology, the results and shares the experience of participants taking part in the programme.

Embrace yourself

A video series on thought, self-stigma, self-worth and self-love. 

It is specifically made support communities of sex workers, people living with HIV, people who use drugs, transgender people, men who have sex with men and others who are marginalised in society - in Vietnam and worldwide.  It is for all people who believe their thoughts.... It is our intention that it can reach many people.

​It is prepared by SCDI (Centre for Supporting Community Development Initiatives) and Beyond Stigma (formerly The Work for Change),

For more information:    SCDI &  Beyond Stigma
Based on IBSR/The Work of Byron Katie

What is self-stigma?

Watch this informational video we created to teach others what self-stigma can look like.

MyHealth Series episode on Addressing Obesity Stigma and Bias to strengthen Healthcare in Ireland

The RCSI MyHealth programme has been designed to demonstrate RCSI's commitment to enhance human health through the expert-driven healthcare information.

In this episode, the panel will discuss the science behind obesity, as well as explore some of the common misconceptions around obesity and stigma, how we think and talk about obesity, and best practices in obesity care delivery.

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